SpotOn! Flexo – How it Works!

SpotOn! Flexo uses spectral data to provide optimal density information, allowing the operator to run a color to match a reference color. This software compares the spectral data of a color measured on a press pull (using a spectrophotometer) to the spectral data of the reference color. A quick calculation gives the press operator the optimal density to obtain the closest (lowest Delta E, or dE) match to the reference color. SpotOn! Flexo is very easy to use. You load your reference colors into the SOF Database, choose the colors to be used, measure the colors on press and let the software do the rest! Loading reference color into the SOF database can be done in one of three ways:
  • Ink formulations files such as MIF or CxF files can be uploaded
  • Colors can be measured into the software using a spectrophotometer
  • Colors can be input using CIELAB coordinates
SpotOn! Flexo supports all of the popular Delta E equations: dE1976, dE1994, dE2000, dECMC. The software allows the user to set the dE tolerances for a specific job. The user sets both warning and fail tolerances. For example, a customer may require all colors to be within a range 3 dE to be accepted and will be considered failing at 5 dE. Spoton! Flexo supports popular measurement instruments:
  • Konica-Minolta FD-7 (Windows Only)
  • Techkon SpectroDens (Windows only)
  • X-rite eXact (Windows only)
  • X-Rite i1 Pro 2
Spot!On Configurations