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Why SpotOn! Flexo?

SpotOn! Flexo is different from most formulation software currently being used in Flexographic (Flexo) pressrooms. SpotOn! Flexo was designed specifically as a tool for Flexo press operators.

Formulation software is very powerful for creating or establishing standards or reference colors and tracking these colors from batch to batch. Formulation software was never designed to be used press-side, and lacks important information required by the press operator, such as dot area and ink density.

The Flexographic print process has limited color controls available to press operators. With Flexo's unique ink delivery system the Flexo press operator has essentially four controls that can affect color:

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  • Increase ink density
  • Decrease ink density
  • Increase pressure or impression
  • Decrease pressure or impression

Ink density is one of the most commonly used color controls in a Flexo pressroom. Unfortunately most spot or custom colors arrive at press with no ink density information or suggested starting point. With that in mind, SpotOn! Flexo focuses on ink density. Using Predictive Analysis, the software provides optimal ink density information to reproduce a color match to a reference color.

Predictive Analysis compares the spectral data of the reference color to the spectral data of the color measured on press and calculates the optimal ink density to achieve the best color match (lowest delta E).

Using an approved spectrophotometer, SpotOn! Flexo uses the spectral data being communicated to the software and compares it to the spectral data of the reference color in the color library and then calculates the optimal ink density.

Ink density corrections are indicated by either an up or down arrow indicating more or less ink density or by a red circle indicating the need for new ink formulation.

In this example the current measured ink density is 1.00 and the match to the reference color is 5.53 ΔE. SpotOn! Flexo's Predictive Analysis shows the optimal ink density for this color is 1.37 which will create a 1.41 ΔE match to the reference color.

Predictive Analysis
Printing Details

SpotOn! Flexo is designed to supplement formulation software not replace it. The use of formulation software is critical to create, establish and verify color standards or references. SpotOn! Flexo is a tool to inform the press operator the optimal ink density required to achieve the best color reproduction of these color standards or references.

SpotOn! Flexo can also track Printing Details—key attributes required to achieve the spot color match such as: plate material, anilox roll, ink viscosity, substrate...

SpotOn! Flexo also includes a Trending Graph displaying density measurements versus delta E color match, as well as, a final report of the entire press run including Make-ready and Production measurements.

Trending Graph

SpotOn! Flexo is a pressroom tool to provide critical ink density information to a press operator enabling them to come up-to-color quicker, maintain color throughout the press run and improve quality of the color match.

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