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Managing Spot Colors Using Spectral Information

SpotOn! Flexo Client Server Now Available!

SpotOn! Flexo is new leading-edge technology that makes it possible to get optimum color reproduction and density information for any spot color, right at your fingertips.

SpotOn! Flexo utilizes Predictive Analysis to determine the best ink density for optimum color reproduction.

There are many time-saving and cost-cutting benefits of SpotOn! Flexo software. A major benefit is the reduced press “make-ready” time trying to obtain the correct color match to a spot or custom/brand color.

Spot On! Flexo addresses the typical way density is identified and optimizes it. For example, CMYK colors have both ISO standards and specifications (FIRST 4.0) that suggest a density starting point. However, spot colors are basically monitored by a visual check. Once approved, the spot colors can be monitored using a densitometer. However, rarely do the colors have suggested density starting points.

SpotOn! Flexo provides the optimal ink density for a spot color to achieve the closet match to a reference color.

SpotOn! Flexo Main Screen
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